PTC ASIA i n 2016     DATE: 2016/11/25 21:17:03

The successful holding of "PTC Palaemon ASIA2016 Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition"


The 2016 Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition in Asia Pacific industry event in November 1, 2016 to November 4th in the holding areas once a year (referred to as: the Asia International Power Transmission Exhibition), opened in Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center, and many exhibitors with bright screen display, China motor industry charm, this exhibition, we show the independent research and development of AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor series GYK GSK GSZ GTK. for customers


GSY: GYK designed for screw air compressor, the power in the 5.5KW-250KW.


GSY: air cooling machine, the permanent magnet synchronous motor and screw air compressor together, to reduce the space, greatly increase the power of the motor, the use of power in the 4KW-90KW.

GSZ: in the injection molding machine and other industries to use the power in the 4KW-185KW.


With excellent product performance and excellent brand image, booth attracted many customers at home and abroad to visit and cooperate with us.


Palaemon holding the exhibition was a great success, through this exhibition, let more customers at home and abroad to understand and familiar with the products and solutions for the areas of the control system, a deep understanding of the characteristics and advantages of our Palaemon GYK series, and makes our GSK series, GSZ series, GTK series motor has attracted overseas customers attention. To achieve good results.


 "Give me a fulcrum, you have infinite power", has been holding Palaemon enterprise purpose, the future we will give full play to the advantages of independent innovation system of manufacturing, construction of high quality and high efficiency and energy saving, continue to enhance the core competitiveness, will become the domestic industry holding Ge industry leader.

Thank you for the attention to Palaemon holding friends, look forward to working with you to meet again together!